Sign the petition to Keep Chalumbin Wild
Please help us stop an industrial-scale wind farm being built on the precious remnant wilderness of Chalumbin, Far North Queensland.

Chalumbin is a vast region of 78,000 acres adjacent to the Wet Tropics consisting primarily of precious remnant wilderness. A whopping 95 wind turbines are slated to be installed here, destroying habitat, decimating vulnerable endangered species and causing untold damage.

Chalumbin is home to some of our most endangered flora and fauna. The Magnificent Brood Frog lives here and it's already on the edge of extinction. So little is known about this beautiful little frog that we should be conserving it's habitat and ensuring it's survival by any means possible. Large pockets of it's habitat have already been bulldozed and blasted away at nearby Kaban where another wind farm is being currently developed. If Chalumbin goes the same way, we could likely count the remaining numbers of this frog on one hand.

Red Goshawks live at Chalumbin - Australia's rarest raptor. Raptors are known to fair badly with wind turbines. They need vast aerial space to glide, soar and hunt. When wind turbines are in their territory, this results in fatalities. Bats and insects too fall prey to these massive blades. We need our insects and the life they support - now more than ever!

We can't afford to lose anymore habitat. Habitat loss is the number one cause of species extinction. For the sake of our beautiful wilderness and the flora and fauna that calls it home, let's Keep Chalumbin Wild!