Are we about to destroy the water cycle just like it has done with the South?

Mitchell River map

FARMERS NETWORK is saying:  

The loss of extensive areas of native vegetation is the main cause of wildlife decline across the world.  The savannas of Northern Australia are internationally significant and ecotourism in these areas is a growing and sustainable use.  Agricultural expansion in Northern Australia is inappropriate if the natural values of the north are to be protected. This will effect indigenous communities, the fishing industry, the water cycle and tourism.

Potentially, an area almost the size of Victoria, (including the damning of our wild rivers) will be cleared to make way for AGRICULTURE EXPANSION for Cotton, Rice, Sugar Cane and array of cash crops.  These crops demand a high uptake of nitrogen, and water usage).   See evidence (commissioned by John Howard), that Northern Australia is not suitable for agriculture. A REFERENDUM and DISCLOSURE OF VESTED INTERESTS ARE REQUIRED.

Refer: Website: The Federal Government employed more than 100 scientists at a cost of $15million, to investigate three priority river catchment areas across three states in 2.5 years, to enable expansion of irrigated agriculture, an area almost the size of Victoria. These include:

  • the Fitzroy catchment in Western Australia
  • the Finniss, Adelaide, Mary and Wildman river catchments in the Northern Territory
  • the Mitchell catchment in Queensland. This information is taken from the Federal Government Website

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