Our Government (including on all sides of politics),  already knows the solution to climate action, which is forecast to deliver 21,000 jobs and add $24 billion to the economy.  It ticks all the boxes for environment, social, cultural objectives.

Do Australians know that the subsidized “green renewable energy” industry will continue to destroy thousands of kms of eco-systems and farms?

Chalumbin is untouched Wilderness in the Cairns highlands - Area size 78,584 acres.
  • This is 93 times bigger than the size of Fitzroy island, near Cairns.
  • This backs onto Cassowary and wildlife habitats of Yourka Sanctuary owned by Bush Heritage, close to Tully Falls, World Heritage National Park.
  • This now lies with the Statement Government for approval.
Country beyond foreground to horizon is to be carved up by 75m wide roads and turbines.
Yellow Bellied Glider
Yellow Bellied gliders live here and need continuous canopy cover to glide through the canopy.
Endangered Red Goshawk
Endangered Red Goshawk
Barking Owl
I’m a Barking Owl and I live here too. This is my home. I am asking that you protect my place. I’ve heard wind turbines kill birds don’t they!

Trees sequest carbon. This was once pristine habitat. It now looks like a coal-seam gas field.

This shows an example of a “green renewable wind farm” development in pristine habitat.  Mount Emerald is now an industrial complex resembling a Coal Seam Gas field.  This industrial development has left an enormous footprint.


Northern quolls were relocated from the site before blasting. Raptor bird strike has been significant. The affects of forest fragmentation will be felt forever.

Chalumbin wind farm
Chalumbin Wind farm, proposal – area size78,584 acres – that’s 92 times bigger than Fitzroy Island! All the country in this image will be dissected with 75m wide roads and turbines.
Is this the future for our remaining remnant forests?

CLIMATE CHANGE THREAT is the fragmentation of habitat that is carved up for roads, and “green renewable energy” industrial wind turbines.

Is this the future for our remaining remnant forests?

Trees sequest carbon.  This was once pristine habitat. It now looks like a coal-seam gas field.

Any investment that replaces our habitats, farms, and vegetation with this shocker would be unethical – instead invest in the climate solution - Regeneration

This industry is extractive and is not renewable – destroys the soil, the ecology, the climate, and water cycle.  No compensation to traditional owners will ever compensate for destroying cultural heritage future nor Australians who put a high value on habitat and eco-tourism or other lost opportunities. 

California’s new solar power plant is actually a death ray that’s incinerating birds mid-flight

By Sebastian Anthony on August 20, 2014 at 9:35 am

  • What spans 1,600 hectares, cost $2.2 billion to build, and potentially fries hundreds of thousands of birds per year?
  • Wildlife officials are concerned that this concentrated solar power plant, and others like it, could turn into “mega-trap” that decimates the ecosystem — first attracting insects, and then attracting birds that eat insects.