Regenerative Farming for our food supply, our landscape, our health and our earth.

We have made many references from an exceptional book - “Call of the Reed Warbler, by Charles Massy” which has now reached main-stream.  This book speaks to everyone, both rural and urban. He shows how innovative farmers are finding a new way, regenerating their land and witnessing astounding transformations.  He also tells the real story behind industrial agriculture and the global profit-obsessed corporations driving it.

These systems of regeneration can combat climate change, land degradation, dust storms, desertification, while delivering nutrient dense, health giving foods.

The five crucial landscape functions are dynamically intertwined and undeniably connected via reciprocal links.     These functions contribute to the health and long-term productivity of our farmed landscapes. 

  1. The solar-energy function – (focused on maximizing the capture of solar energy by fixing as many plant sugars, via photosynthesis, as possible);
  2. The water cycle – focused on the maximisation of infiltration, storage and recycling in the soil
  3. The soil mineral cycle – focused on inculcating biologically alive and healthy soils that contain and recycle a rich lode of diverse minerals and chemicals);
  4. Dynamic ecosystems (focused on maximum biodiversity and health of integrated ecosystems at all levels) and
  5. The human-social aspect (focused on human agency triggering landscape regeneration by working in harmony with natural systems).

Ref:  Charles Massy, Call of the Reed Warbler (A new agriculture, a new earth)


Watch Charles Massy, Author of ‘Call of the Reed Warbler’, A New Agriculture, A New Earth.

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