Educating Children about Regenerative Farming is an investment in their future

School children at the farm School children at the farm
  • More urgent investment in mandated school garden programs is needed
  • Field excursions to Regenerative Farms offers choices to children for their future and Australia’s future farming
  • Children need a future and choice for:
    • connection to the land and nature for
    • create more jobs for jobs and awareness
    • mental health
    • healthy regeneratively grown foods
    • an increase in carbon sequestration from the atmosphere and clean air to breath
  • Regenerative Agriculture education is required of farmers and agriculture scientists
  • Development of Northern Australian needs to be regenerative – and eco-systems repaired for opportunities that are compatible with tourism, business, culture, education, and creative entrepreneurs to reverse the plunder mind-set, to create even more Australian jobs
  • Australian’s need reassurance that big commodity corporations do not influence Government policies.
for environment and our farming future!