Charles Massy, Author, “Call of the Reed Warbler” states:


Our urgent challenge is to move beyond “Sustainability”



We invite all Australians to learn about Regenerative Farming for Australia’s solutions – to combat climate change, land degradation, dust storms, desertification, while delivering nutrient dense, health giving foods. 

Our Objectives

  • To Unite Farmers to Regenerate Australian Landscapes for Australia’s Future
    • Farmers be supported to repair their water cycle, soil cycle, and bio-diversity, to restore eco-systems at maximum levels
    • To work in with Organizations who are already advocates for:
      • Regenerative Farming
      • Soil, and nourishing Food Industries 
      • Land-care groups, including Terrain, Northern Gulf and other organizations for the protection of our Rivers and Creeks
      • Farming Organizations who advocate the need for long term solutions to drought, dust storms, and desertification
      • Mandated School Garden Programs
      • Better Education of Farmers and Agriculture Scientists
      • Work for the Dole Programs to restore their connection to the Land and Nature
    • National Educational Awareness of Regenerative Agriculture

Events will be held throughout Australia – Please register your interest in “Regenerate Australia Project” for the long-term benefit for our Country, Australia