Charles Massy, Author, “Call of the Reed Warbler” states:


Our urgent challenge is to move beyond “Sustainability”



We invite all Australians to learn about Regenerative Farming for Australia’s solutions – to combat climate change, land degradation, dust storms, desertification, while delivering nutrient dense, health giving foods. 

Our Objectives

  • To Unite Farmers to Regenerate Australian Landscapes for Australia’s Future
    • Farmers be supported to repair their water cycle, soil cycle, and bio-diversity, to restore eco-systems at maximum levels
    • To work in with Organizations who are already advocates for:
      • Regenerative Farming
      • Soil, and nourishing Food Industries 
      • Land-care groups, including Terrain, Northern Gulf and other organizations for the protection of our Rivers and Creeks
      • Farming Organizations who advocate the need for long term solutions to drought, dust storms, and desertification
      • Mandated School Garden Programs
      • Better Education of Farmers and Agriculture Scientists
      • Work for the Dole Programs to restore their connection to the Land and Nature
    • National Educational Awareness of Regenerative Agriculture

Australian 'super seaweed' supplement to reduce cattle gas emissions wins $1m international prize

A company commercialising a CSIRO-developed, seaweed feed product, which slashes the amount of greenhouse gases cattle burp and fart into the atmosphere, has won a $1 million international prize for its work reshaping the food system.

CSIRO-affiliated company Future Feed said it would use its Food Planet Prize winnings to create an international commercial fund to help First Nations communities generate income from cultivating and selling the seaweed.

According to the science agency, methane emissions from livestock make up around 15 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and one cow produces on average as much gas emission as one car.

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