The climate solution - Regenerate Australia
Tree and soil carbon farming

Carbon tree and soil farming
Regenerative Agriculture is supported by all sides of politics

Invest in carbon farming for regenerative agriculture our environment first
Carbon Farming in Australia
Forecast to deliver 21,000 jobs
$24 billion to the economy

Regenerative agriculture is a system of land management principles and practices that increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds and enhance ecosystem services.

  • Our urgent need for climate action is to protect the wilderness and farms that are left.
  • First do no harm.
    • Subsidized selling off Australia’s priceless habitats and farms is unethical and a national disgrace.
  • Support Carbon Farming for regenerative agriculture.
  • Protect our forests and the enhancement of the eco-systems that support them.
  • Increase Education in schools to support regenerative agriculture for our environment, social, culture and farming future.
  • Stop government subsidies going to the ‘green and renewable solar and wind farms”, which are now replacing our habitats for wildlife and farms.
  • Subsidizing carbon farming meets our environment, social and cultural objectives.  At the same time, is compatible with our other industries such as tourism, building, retail, lifestyle, camping, education and nourishing foods for all Australians.
  • Australians have already suffered unbearable losses with bushfires resulting in the loss of priceless wildlife, and our water cycle.

The selling off of Australia’s priceless habitats and farms for the subsidised “billion dollar renewable industry” is unethical and a national disgrace

This entire scene is to be developed for industrial ‘green renewable wind turbines’  Chalumbin wind farm, Atherton Tablelands (Cairns Highlands) is 78,000 acres – 92 times the size of Fitzroy Island. now sits with the Qld Government.


Curraghmore Station - 5930 acres, 2400 ha was a working organic been farm, with camping on the McLeod Mitchell River, near the Daintree. This is destined to be cleared, and replaced for a “green renewable solar” Energy farm in Cape York. This backs onto AWC Brooklan Sanctuary and now sits with the State Government for approval. Evidence that solar farms destroy millions of birds that are incinerated in mid flight. This shocking ‘green’ industry will destroy entire eco-systems. Say NO to subsidizing the “billion dollar renewable industry” – the ‘green’ is a lie.



The water cycle is essential to farmers and regional areas of Australia. Remnant habitat needs to be protected and eco-systems restored to suit the Australian climate.

Carbon Farming Water Cycle

Climate Solutions – the soil

Soil Food WebThe Soil Solution for Climate Action

  • To reach 350ppm (parts per/million), we must remove 200-250 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Organic matter is the most secure long-term carbon storage in the soil.
  • Soil could store 320 billion tons of carbon if we restore healthy ecosystems everywhere
  • Invest in Regenerative Agriculture