About Us

Farmers Network represents the other voice for Farmers.  Farmers Network will be national in the future, as we already have strong relationships with New South Wales and Victorian farmers.   Our organization nominates to be at the ‘Table’ for the ‘DEVELOPMENT OF NORTHERN AUSTRALIA’ so that Australia makes the right choices from now on for the long-term benefit of Australia, our Country.

We look forward to announcing a Spokesperson and are to announce our Spud and avocado & sugar cane growers.

President – Phil Emms

Ex Dairy Farmer from Wannon District Victoria. Now operates beef farms of 1500 acres Atherton Tablelands NQ.  As a registered builder, founded Shed Boss and Garage World by licensing 65 small business franchises throughout Australia and New Zealand. Founding member of Shed Safe under the auspices of the Australian Steel Institute.

Passionate about regenerative farming and that Australia makes the right choices for the long term benefit of our Country.

Vice President – Geoff Onus BSc

Land Management business owner

Geoff works on several farms throughout North Queensland, undertaking general improvement and enhancement works in non-productive areas within the property. Born and bred on the land and live to improve the Australian landscape from degrading processes including, erosion,

weed invasion, land clearing and poor water quality.

Carolyn Emms – Secretary  - ex Dairy Farmer Wanon Shire

Now farming Beef in Nth Qld of 1500 acres  Carolyn is passionate about the land and  Australia’s future farming.  She set up business systems for small business outlets in Australia and NZ (with Phil) for the building industry.  Carolyn has  empathy for Australia’s fragile ancient eco-systems, and  aussie farmers, who have been affected by drought. After going through the Ash Wednesday fires, the summer fires were worse  (and dryer).  We love the land, Australia our Country.  We set aside land for wildlife, for Cassowary Conservation for our Region. Passionate about Australia’s landscape health for Australia’s bio-diversity, water cycle and Australia’s choices from now on.
Gwen Bocci – Syntropic Farmer and Manager of the Atherton Farm co-op, a community owned Not for Profit organisation, supporting local organic/bio dynamic farmers.  The Farmers Co-op enables them to distribute local produce from farms to the consumer at a realistic price for both the farmer and the consumer.  Supporting Regeneration and support for soil, health, food nutrition, and human health.  Gwen is passionate about promoting “know your farmer” when it comes to supplying local nourishing foods for the town.  
Jane Hawes – Syntropic Farmer and Trainer – proudly inspiring farmers to adopt syntropic systems for large scale farming of food.  Jane has inspired Avocado, and fruit growers, to adopt regenerative farming techniques to increase their soil biology and water cycle.
Adam Collins

Bio-dynamic and syntropic Farmer and Educator. The farm has been certified bio-dynamic for 16 years. Adam has spent the last 15 years travelling around Australia running workshops, and supporting farmers to move towards regenerative farming practices that benefit family, farm and the long term health of the land. Adam is proud that the Atherton Farm Co Op, provides local people with local organic food at a fair price which helps producers get reasonable returns for their products.


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